3 Chores or Tasks You Can Automate to Save Money

3 Chores or Tasks You Can Automate to Save Money

Everyone is looking for ways to save money. Here are three surprising tasks you can automate that can save you money, while also giving you back more time in your life –paying bills, shopping for groceries, and restocking frequently used household item subscription services.

Bill Payer

Bill payer allows you to pay for your utilities, mortgage, gym memberships, and more using a secure interface. Once you set up this service through your PSECU account, bill payer takes the money you need to pay your bill from your account and sends it to the service provider. Other than ensuring the funds are available for the payment to be processed, there’s no additional action needed on your end. Most payments are delivered to the payee (if electronic) within three business days.

Using bill payer is not just convenient, it’s a money saver, too. The service itself is free for PSECU members, your bills get paid on time (no late fees!) and you don’t have to worry about buying stamps, checks, or envelopes. Best of all, bill payer is secure. Instead of logging into various accounts to make payments, you can make all payments at once, as long as funds are available, using your PSECU account. This decreases your exposure to potential fraud, should any of the companies you’re dealing with directly experience a compromise.

Grocery Shopping

Whether you have a love or hate relationship with shopping for groceries, there’s one thing that rings true: it’s really hard to resist adding extra groceries to your cart when you’re whizzing up and down every aisle. Those impulse buys can inflate your grocery spending and potentially blow your budget.

Try automating your grocery shopping by utilizing grocery pickup or delivery. There are often low to no fees associated with these services, and the best part is, because someone else is doing the actual shopping for you, you won’t be tempted to add items to your order that aren’t on your grocery list. Plus, you’re saving money on gas by not having to drive to and from the store. Beyond that, your time is money, so you can use the time you would have been grocery shopping to instead take care of a household project or enjoy extra time with your family.

Refills on Household Essentials

How many times do you go to do a load of laundry and realize you’re out of detergent? Or, take out the trash and then discover that was your last trash bag? Frequently used household essentials are the perfect candidates for subscription refills. Meaning, when you make your initial purchase of an item online, many retailers will give you the option to set up recurring shipments of the product. It’s likely they offer a discount for opting into subscriptions, as well.

You choose the frequency for shipments of your various items, and they conveniently show up at your door before you’ve run out! Besides a discount for opting into subscriptions, retailers will also offer deeper discounts for bundling subscriptions together: perhaps you opt to receive paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags, and diapers all on the same schedule to take advantage of their money-saving offers.

Make Your Money Work Smarter, Not Harder

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