6 Affordable DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

6 Affordable Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and we’ve got you covered with six easy-to-make, affordable gift ideas that are sure to show Mom just how much you love her!


Yes, cooking Mom a meal counts as DIY! Scour your favorite cooking sites for yummy brunch recipes. Eggs, bread, fruits, and breakfast meats are typically affordable and easy to put together for a delicious dining experience. You could even print menus and formally set the table, so it feels like a restaurant experience.

Memory Jar

Find an old jar of any kind, make sure it’s clean, decorate it, and fill it with memories! Jot down ideas for things you could do with your mom like, go for a hike, see a movie together, or cook your favorite recipe together. Roll up the paper and put it in the jar. Anytime your mom misses you, or you need an idea for hanging out, grab something from the jar and make it happen!

Sugar Scrub

Great for exfoliating rough areas of skin, sugar scrubs are incredibly easy and inexpensive to DIY (we’re talking less than 5 minutes to make!). Recreate Mom’s favorite scent with essential oils added into the scrub to make it personalized for her. A simple search for a sugar scrub recipe will yield lots of options to choose from!

Teacup Planters

Hit your favorite antique store or flea market and snag a few old teacups. They often have beautifully painted, ornate designs and are cheap, to boot! Then, fill with potting soil, drop in seeds from Mom’s favorite flowers, and watch them grow.

Bath Bombs

These aptly-named fizzy little bombs are chock full of essential oils to make bath time even more relaxing. Making them is super simple, and the ingredients are easy to find and affordable. You don’t even need official bath bomb molds. You could simply press them into a muffin tin lined with cupcake liners, giving them a rustic look and eliminating the need for additional materials.

Garden Markers

If your mom loves gardening, this is a perfect fit for her! Grab a few simple wooden spoons at your local “everything-costs-a-dollar" store and some permanent paints or markers. From there, draw or paint the names or pictures of what she grows on the spoon end of the utensil. The handle gets stuck in the ground and now Mom’s garden is more colorful and easier to identify.

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