Affordable Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Affordable Memorial Day Weekend Ideas

Whether you plan to soak up the sun over the long weekend or celebrate with friends, we’ve rounded up our best affordable Memorial Day ideas. Use these tips and activities to pay your respects and enjoy some leisure time.

Create a Mural

Get creative with your whole neighborhood and create a mural on your sidewalk. Put together baskets with mural-making supplies, like chalk or washable markers, and challenge everyone to create the best patriotic display. This activity is great for all ages, and by using chalk, the displays will wash away easily, leaving you minimal cleanup later on.

Send a Care Package

To help boost morale, put together care packages for deployed active troops. You can contribute everything from gift cards to toiletries to fun activities for the packages. If you’re unable to contribute to a national charity, seek out local organizations that put together packages for active-duty troops or local veterans. Participating in a care package program is a great way to give back to your community while honoring our armed forces.

Host a Backyard Movie

Memorial Day weekend is often considered the unofficial start of summer. What better way to celebrate than hosting a backyard movie? Set up your yard with comfy chairs and a large projector screen. Ask your guests to bring their favorite movie theater snacks, like popcorn, candy, and baked goods. If you’re hosting a group with adults and children, consider doing two screenings. The first movie can be family-friendly and the second geared toward an older audience, just like at the drive-in.

Make a DIY Statue of Liberty

If you’ve been to a bridal shower, you’ve likely played the game where everyone attempts to make a bridal gown with minimal supplies. You can do a similar activity with your guests that challenges them to recreate the Statue of Liberty. For each group, gather supplies that include rolls of toilet paper, paper plates, and some tape. Set a timer and see who can create the most intricate and realistic version of the Statue of Liberty with the supplies they’re given. Don’t forget to take lots of photos of the winning design to share later!

Stream the National Memorial Day Concert

The National Memorial Day Concert is free and performed every Memorial Day in Washington D.C. on the west lawn of the United States Capitol Building. The concert is aired on PBS and often has a streaming option. Gather your friends, family, and neighbors to view the concert together as part of your Memorial Day bash.

Your Memorial Day activities don’t have to break the bank to pay respects and enjoy time with your family and friends. If you’re looking for more affordable ideas, visit out WalletWorks page.

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