The PSECU Savings App Just Got Better

The PSECU Savings App Just Got Better

As we approach the celebration of $1 million saved by members who use our PSECU Savings app, we’re excited to introduce new features in the app that will help you reach your goals even faster.

First is a new feature called “Scratch.” This easy-to-use feature allows you to “scratch” and reveal an amount of money that goes straight toward your savings goal.
You can also have more fun saving with the introduction of emoji functionality when naming your savings goal. Now, you can start saving for ✈, ? or ? if you’d like to plan for a vacation, or ? if you’re looking ahead to buying a home.
Finally, we integrated a new feature that allows you to share your savings progress on Facebook so that you can show your friends and family how close you are to meeting your goal. You can control what you share and when, if you choose to hold yourself accountable by sharing your progress with others. When your friends see you skipping, sweeping and scratching your way to savings, they may get into the habit of saving, too.

Along with these changes, you’ll now see a simpler screen upon logging into the Savings app. When you open the app, there will be three menu options: Your Goal, Ways to Save, and a Summary of your savings.

Be sure to check out these new features and have your savings be part of the $1 million saved by members through the Savings app!

The PSECU Savings app is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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