New Security Feature for PSECU Debit and Credit Cards

New Security Feature for PSECU Debit and Credit Cards

Helping you keep your money secure is important to us at PSECU. That’s why we’re excited to introduce the new lock/unlock feature in digital banking that gives you more control over your debit and credit cards. You now have the capability to “lock” your card if it’s missing, which prohibits transactions from occurring on your account. When found, you can simply “unlock” it to regain full access.

Whether you have temporarily misplaced your card or suspect that it has been stolen, it’s important to take immediate action, which is now easier than ever.

security feature for PSECU debit and credit cards

Lock/Unlock Your Cards

To use this feature, simply log into your account at or on the mobile app and click on “Manage Cards.” Once there, you’ll see the card lock/unlock feature, which allows you to instantly lock your card if it’s been misplaced.

Locking your card will give you the same protection as canceling it, and no further purchases or ATM withdrawals will be authorized. The difference between locking and cancelling is that the locking action is reversible. If you locate your card and confirm that it hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands, all you have to do is unlock your card to resume use.

credit card security

Closing your card is necessary if you know that it is lost or stolen. Once you’ve asked us to close your card, there’s no “do-over” – we’ll close your card immediately to prevent any fraudulent charges and send you a new card. Please be aware that the new card could take several days to arrive in the mail. If you do receive a new card, it will have a new card number and any automatic payments associated with your old card number will need to be updated.

Have More Control Over Your Cards

The lock/unlock feature is one of several card management tools available in digital banking. In the Manage Cards area, you can utilize the “Travel Notifications” tool to inform us of any upcoming trips to ensure uninterrupted card service. Even if you’re traveling just a few hours from where you normally use your card, we strongly recommend you utilize Travel Notifications to notify us of where and when you will be traveling. Also, in Manage Cards, you can temporarily raise your debit card’s daily limits for purchases and ATM withdrawals.

We also suggest enrolling in our e-Alerts service and signing up for the Card Transaction alert. This alert lets you know every time your card is used, and can help you detect fraud early. It’s one of more than a dozen alerts we offer to help you keep track of your money. Select the ones that make the most sense for you, then have the alert sent by text, email or push notification.

You work hard for your money and we aim to help you keep more of it in your wallet. Features such as the lock/unlock function are available to give you even more control of what’s yours.

For more ways to save, visit our WalletWorks page.

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