Saving Money While Applying to College

Saving Money While Applying to College

If you’re planning to attend college, there’s one common cost that many people overlook – application fees. These fees can range anywhere from around $20 to almost $100. If you’re planning to apply to several colleges, these fees can add up.

Here are some steps you can take to avoid these fees and save some money along the way.

Only Apply to Schools You’re Interested in Attending

It may seem like a fun experiment to apply to a large, competitive university to see if you can get in. Or you may be tempted to have a competition with your friends to see who can get the most acceptance letters. However, if you have no actual interest in attending the school, then save the money by not applying. Some application fees can be very steep, especially for more expensive schools. Narrowing down your list to schools you’re genuinely interested in and would truly consider attending is a great first step to save money on this process.

Take Advantage of Fee Waivers

Saving Money While Applying to College

Application fees can get very expensive and are sometimes even higher if you’re applying to a special program. Some colleges will work with students to cut the cost and waive the fee to apply to the school. The requirements to have the fee waived will likely vary by school – it could be an in-person visit and campus tour, an online application, or showing true interest by completing the application early.

Ask for Help

School counselors are there to help and can be a great resource if you’re struggling with applications or fees. If you’re unable to afford some application fees, they’ll be able to help you identify fee waiver opportunities that you’re eligible for.

Check for Application Fees Before You Apply

Before it’s time to apply for college, do your research and determine what schools you’re going to apply to and how much it will cost. It’s important to check to see how much you’re going to owe in advance so you can start saving up to cover the cost.

From your first application fee to graduation, college is expensive; any money you can save along the way helps. For more money management tips, visit our WalletWorks page or check out the student section of our blog.

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