How to Get Fit on a Budget

How to Get Fit on a Budget

Getting fit doesn’t always mean you need to buy the latest fad diet book or spend a lot on a gym membership. There are plenty of ways to get fit that are affordable, effective, and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you like to lift weights and perform full-body workouts or do yoga and focus on balance and mindfulness, your options are not restricted to how much money you allocate to fitness. By using the Internet and a few at-home workout equipment pieces, you can get the results you want on a limited budget.


Workout Options and Fitness Tips

Whether you’re a student, parent, or working full-time, here are a few effective and affordable home workout ideas and fitness tips to try out:

  • Download Specific Workout Apps: For example, you may be looking to tone your abdominals, glutes, biceps, or quads. Search among hundreds of free apps you can download onto your phone. Many applications also help track your progress, making it easy for you to work toward an end goal. You can also search for apps that have different diet plans and recipes.
  • Use Social Media: Social media is a powerhouse for fitness bloggers that offer free tips and workouts. Most of them post videos of various exercises that target particular areas of your body and take you through each step. Take time to search through different accounts to see who shares your goals and ideas.
  • Cut Out Junk Food: Your diet plays the biggest role in keeping you fit. Even if you work out every day, if you’re not supplementing your body with the right foods, you won’t achieve the results you want. Find a plan that works for your body type, check Pinterest for healthy recipes and meals, or try pre-planning meals for an entire week.
  • Use At-home Exercise Equipment: While the cost of a monthly gym membership may not be within your budget, you can buy similar equipment for at-home purposes, such as resistance bands, free weights, and exercise balls. You may even be able to find used or like-new pieces for low prices on online yard sale sites.
  • Drink Lots of Water: It’s easier to drink water throughout the day when you carry a reusable water bottle with you. Place one on your desk and keep one in the car so you always have access. It’s vital to phase out bottled tea, soda, juices, and other drinks that are high in sugar — and not to mention, expensive — and replace them with water, which builds you back up after a workout and keeps you hydrated. Infusing your water with fruit like lemon and berries can make drinking water more appealing.
  • Take Your Workouts Outside: If it’s a beautiful day, go for a run down the street, a walk through the park, or a hike on a trail. Put your phone or watch to work to track how many steps you take and the number of calories you burn. Or, grab a friend to play tennis, pass the soccer ball, or shoot hoops at a public park or university that offers free access to sports courts or fields.
  • Find a Free Community: You may find yourself joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer for the community aspect. You won’t workout unless someone is there to push you. If that’s the case, try to find a fitness buddy instead. Maybe a co-worker or friend would be willing to go running with you each week. Or look for intramural sports leagues that are free or cheap to join and will keep you accountable for showing up.

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