Use PSECU Wallet for Secure Payments on Android and Samsung Devices

Use PSECU Wallet for Secure Payments on Android and Samsung Devices

Mobile pay allows consumers to use their smartphone or other compatible smart device to pay at retailers that accept contactless payments.

In addition to supporting Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®, PSECU offers Android and Samsung users a mobile payment solution that is tied to the credit union and doesn’t use a third-party vendor. 

PSECU Wallet allows you to add up to 10 personal or business cards to use for contactless payment via the app. This can include your PSECU debit card or Visa® credit cards, such as the Alumni, Classic, and Founder’s cards.

PSECU Wallet is available for download on compatible Android and Samsung devices from the Google Play Store. Once you download PSECU Wallet, you can load your card(s) into the app. The cards can then be used to make in-store payments at retailers that accept contactless payments and online purchases using Visa® Checkout. 

There are two ways to pay using PSECU Wallet – manual and always-on with device verification. 

  • Manual pay – This is the default payment option. To do this, log into the PSECU Wallet app, tap Pay In-Store, and then tap the phone icon on the point-of-sale terminal. 
  • Always-on with device verification – To use this option, you’ll need to change to this payment method in the PSECU Wallet app. Once you’ve activated it, you pay by unlocking your phone using your fingerprint or PIN and then tap your phone at the point-of-sale terminal, all without having to sign into the PSECU Wallet app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my physical card is lost or stolen?

If your card is misplaced, you can temporarily lock it in digital banking. If your card is lost or stolen, contact us at 800.237.7328 as soon as possible. Once you receive your replacement card, you can add your new card number to your mobile wallet.

  • What if my smart phone or device is lost or stolen?

It’s highly recommended to enable a lock feature for access to your phone when you have sensitive information stored on it. If your device is lost or stolen, use your phone’s Find My Device feature to quickly suspend or remove your digital account numbers for the respective device. Once you receive your replacement device you can add your card back into the mobile wallet. 

  • What should I do when I receive a new, renewed, or replacement card?

For any new or replacement cards, go through the initial set up of providing the basic payments details to add the card. For a card renewal, the new expiration date will be automatically provided from Visa seamlessly, with no action required by you.

Get Started Using PSECU Wallet Today

If you’re an Android or Samsung user with a compatible smartphone or other device, download PSECU Wallet today to start using a more secure contactless payment method. To learn more about making the most of our digital banking tools, visit our blog.

Use PSECU Wallet for Secure Payments on Android and Samsung Devices

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