These PSECU Perks Earned Us a Spot on the National “Best Credit Unions” List

These PSECU Perks Earned Us a Spot on the National “Best Credit Unions” List

If you’re like most consumers, you’re bombarded every day by ads for products to buy, places to visit, and food to eat. And when it comes to financial institutions, it’s likely no different.

With all of this information being thrown at you, how do you choose a financial institution when there are so many options?

GOBankingRates, a website specializing in personal finance, looks to help consumers select the best financial institutions and products for them by compiling lists of the top banks and credit unions in the country. With our mission of safely and securely providing the best value to our members throughout their lives, we at PSECU were excited to learn that GOBankingRates recently named us to their national “Best Credit Unions of 2020” list that highlights the top 10 credit unions in the U.S. based on their criteria.

What Makes PSECU Stand Out?

Why did PSECU make the cut? GoBankingRates reports that benefits captured in the list below make us a good option.

So, whether you’re already a member and are looking to add new products or services or aren’t a member yet but are considering making a switch from your current financial institution, continue reading to learn more about what we can offer.

  • Free accounts – Whether you’re looking for a checking or savings account, we have options for you. While other financial institutions commonly charge a monthly maintenance fee or require high minimum balances, our accounts are free.

    Our checking accounts have no monthly service fees and no minimum balance is required to earn dividends, or what other financial institutions may refer to as interest.

    Our regular Savings account has a minimum that is easily attainable, with only a $5 minimum balance required to maintain your PSECU membership. And if you’re looking to save for something specific, we can help you work toward that goal, as well, with additional savings shares that have no minimum balance requirement and money market accounts that offer higher dividends if you’re looking to keep a higher balance tucked away.

    Our certificates offer a safe and easy way to invest your money. As GOBankingRates pointed out, we never charge monthly maintenance fees for your certificate, meaning the money you earn can stay where it belongs – with you. Additionally, we offer flexible terms, ranging from 3-60 months.
  • Out-of-network ATM fee rebates – With members across Pennsylvania, throughout the country, and even around the world, we ensure that accessing your money from wherever you are doesn’t come at an expense.* To this end, our members have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs.

    Is the most convenient ATM for you outside of our network? We offer our members out-of-network rebates of up to $20 per month if you have direct deposit with us and up to $8 per month if you don’t.

PSECU’s Diverse Product Offerings Meet You and Your Family’s Needs, All in One Place

GOBankingRates noted that PSECU was recognized for our “diverse product offerings including personal loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, credit cards, and kid accounts.” So, whether you’ve established a career and/or a family, are a young professional just starting out, or are currently a college student, you can feel confident knowing that PSECU has the products you need for every stage in your life.

  • Accounts that work for everyone – Our free accounts are here to provide everyone in your family with what they need to get their banking done on the go. From youth accounts with a higher-yield savings rate to certificates and IRAs designed to help you grow your savings and plan for retirement, there’s something for everyone.
  • Loans for every need – Whether you’re in the market for a new car, shopping for a mortgage, or hoping to utilize the equity you’ve built in your current home, we offer competitive loans with low interest rates to help you reach your goals sooner. And if you need a loan for a unique need, such as paying for a wedding, taking a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, or consolidating higher-interest debt, our personal loans can help with that, as well.
  • Credit card options designed to meet your goals – Are you focused on paying down high-interest credit card debt? Or do you know that you’ll need to carry a balance and want to find a card that offers a low interest rate on purchases? Our Classic Card can help you. Looking for a card to use for day-to-day expenses that will help you earn cash rewards? Our Founder’s Card could be a good fit. Just starting out and need to build credit? Our secured Visa can give you access to a credit card product and help you meet your financial goals.

Offering a wide variety of accounts and loans allows you to streamline your finances by having your needs met in one place. Plus, our competitive rates and low- or no-fee products and services help you grow your money and reach your goals.

Join PSECU to Access Financial Products and Services that Move You Forward

If you’d like to find out more about how PSECU can help you meet your financial goals, contact us to learn more about our nationally recognized products and services. And, if you’re ready to move forward financially, join today – it’s simple to sign up for a lifetime of benefits.

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