Staycations on a Budget

Staycations on a Budget

Updated on June 9, 2021

Interested in planning a budget-friendly escape? Staycations offer a relaxing break or adventure close to home and eliminate expensive travel costs, like flights or hotels, saving you money. We’ve put together some great activities to make your staycation just as fulfilling as a traditional vacation.

Camp at Home

Set up a campsite in your backyard. Daytime activities, like yard games or a scavenger hunt, are a great way to get everyone in on the fun. You can spend your evenings looking for constellations or telling family stories around the fire. For mealtime, stick to tradition and cook things you’d normally have while camping, like hot dogs or s’mores. Don’t forget to unplug your electronics to truly disconnect, just like a traditional camping trip.

At-Home Spa Day

One perk of vacation is the opportunity to relax. Fortunately, your staycation can be just as rejuvenating with an at-home spa day. Plan your favorite spa activities, from facials to massages. Set up different stations around the house and block off the whole day to disconnect. Putting together a basket of amenities for each family member, including a bathrobe, luxurious products, or sparkling water, can make the day feel special for everyone. Don’t forget to add soothing scents, like candles or diffusers, and calming music to provide a real spa-like atmosphere.

Play Tourist in Your Town

When was the last time you took in the local history or attractions offered by your town? Think of places you’d recommend to out-of-town guests and put together an itinerary. You can spread out your staycation by picking a new spot to visit each day. Places like historic walking trails, sculpture gardens, mural tours, and other landmarks can provide exercise, a history lesson, and a new appreciation for your town. Before your head out for the day, pack a picnic and enjoy lunch at a local park.

Travel Through Food

Trying exotic cuisine doesn’t have to stop during a staycation. Make a list of dishes you’d like to try from places you want to visit or have visited in the past. If you’ve had your eye on a European vacation, try your hand at crepes from France or paella from Spain. Did your family enjoy a trip to New England? Plan dinner around lobster rolls and clam chowder. You can create the menu as a family or assign each family member a dish to make. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, seek out local takeout options that specialize in that cuisine.

Plan Ahead

While staycations are a great way to relax, you’ll want to take time to plan for future vacations. Put together a list of places you’d like to visit and research different activities or itineraries to help narrow down your options. Once you’ve determined your next destination, get the family together to create your travel budget, including a plan for how you’ll save for the trip.

Looking for more ways to have fun while minding your budget? Check out our blog for budget-friendly tips, whether you’re staying at home or traveling the world.

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