PSECU’s Redesigned Mobile App

PSECU’s Redesigned Mobile App

As a digital-first credit union, we make sure our members can do their banking anytime, anywhere. Our redesigned mobile app is a result of listening to members and making changes based on thousands of hours of research, development, and testing. This resulted in an easier way to bank in the palm of your hands.

The new dashboard organizes common transactions, making banking with PSECU even easier than before. Everything you need will be at your fingertips!  The dashboard also allows a quick view of your transaction history.

The dashboard view will display your credit score if you’re enrolled in our free service. The dashboard will also make it easier to use bill payer and manage your cards. Just click on your Visa® card to change card limits, lock your card, enter your travel plans, look at your rewards, pay your Visa, or do a Visa Balance Transfer.

The new app will allow you to see your paycheck early with pending ACH transfers, have easier to read transactions, display maps that show where certain transactions were made, add notes and categories, and provide easier access to your account number. We’ve also made it easier to make transfers between and within accounts.

Additionally, the mobile enhancements include a feature that provides personalized financial tips and information that you can use to improve money management skills using your account history and activities.

Our new digital banking experience plus all our free financial education resources can really help you keep more of your money where it belongs – with you. Visit to see what other money management resources are available.





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