Best Places to Raise a Family in Pennsylvania

Best Places to Raise a Family in Pennsylvania

Your priorities change throughout your life. When you were younger, you might have felt the pull of city living. Now that you have a family and kids, a major metro area may not have the same appeal.

Fortunately, a suburb can provide a variety of benefits. Many offer good schools, plenty of child-friendly activities, safety, and affordability. The right suburban area can also be close to great job opportunities, shortening your commute and allowing you to spend more time with your kids.

If you’re looking to raise a family in Pennsylvania, here are three of the best places to consider calling home.


If moving to a small town is appealing, Chesterbrook may be your best choice. With a population of 4,800, it’s a suburb of Philadelphia. Two-thirds of the suburb’s population is between 18 and 64, and around 20% is under 18.

Chesterbrook is full of fun amenities to keep you and your family busy on weekends and school breaks. Your family can learn about U.S. history and the Revolutionary War during a visit to Valley Forge National Historical Park. Nearby Spring Mountain offers skiing in the winter and ziplining in the spring and summer.

That said, home values in Chesterbrook are higher than the national median. The median home value for the suburb is $323,000, and the average property tax rate for Chester County is 1.49%.

Students who live in Chesterbrook and attend public school have the opportunity to attend Conestoga Senior High School, the number three top-rated public high school and number two top-rated school for college preparation in Pennsylvania.


If you want to enjoy easy public transit access and walkability, Ardmore is a great area to call home.

Located in both Montgomery and Delaware Counties, Ardmore is a diverse and bustling suburb on the Main Line. The SEPTA Paoli/Thorndale Line and several trolleys and buses serve Ardmore. It’s a quick trip to Philadelphia to enjoy the city’s museums, history, and other cultural amenities.

Just over 12,000 people call Ardmore home. Ardmore residents who attend public schools go to Lower Merion School District. Lower Merion High School is the fifth-best public high school and sixth-best college prep public high school in the state.

One thing to keep in mind if you want to buy a house in Ardmore is that the property taxes are high between the two counties. The average rate for Montgomery County is 1.56%, and the average rate for Delaware County is 2.12%.

Property values are higher than average, too, with a median home value of $355,400. The overall cost of homeownership is worth consideration if you’re interested in making a move to Ardmore.


Maybe you’d like to raise your family in Hershey, PA. Moving to Hershey would put you close to the Hershey theme park, as well as the state capital of Harrisburg. Like Ardmore and Chesterbrook, Hershey is a suburban area. It’s in Dauphin County and has a population of 14,654.

The cost-of-living in Hershey is somewhat lower than in other parts of Pennsylvania. While the median home value is higher than the national median at $272,100, it’s lower than in Chesterbrook or Ardmore. Property taxes for Dauphin County, however, are slightly higher at 1.66%.

The population of Hershey skews older, with more than half of the population over the age of 45. That said, the area is home to some highly rated schools, including Hershey High School and Hershey Elementary School.

Pennsylvania Averages

How do Ardmore, Chesterbrook, and Hershey compare to other parts of Pennsylvania when it comes to demographics, taxes, and property values?

The median home value across the state is $155,500. Property tax rates vary across the state, but tend to be higher in the areas near Philadelphia and lower in the state’s central region.

Just over 20% of Pennsylvania’s 12.8 million residents are under age 18. Around 69% of people are homeowners, and the average household size is 2.45 people.

PSECU Can Help You Make the Right Move

Whichever part of the state you decide to call home, Pennsylvania is an excellent place to live and raise your family. From planning for your first child to sending your kids off to college, we’re here to help you make the most of your money.

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