Wedding Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Wedding Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Attending a wedding is supposed to be joyful. Don’t let stressing about the cost of a gift keep you from joining in the celebrations. Consider these wedding gift ideas that won’t break the bank. 

Use Your Talents as a Gift 

Planning a wedding is pricey, so oftentimes, one of the best gifts you can give the happy couple is a way to reduce their expenses.

Do you have a talent that would come in handy, such as photography or videography skills that could help them capture their special day? Or are you crafty and able to create a unique guestbook or signage for their special event? 

Once you have a specific idea in mind, approach the couple about gifting them that service. Be open to their thoughts and feedback, as they may have something else planned or have another idea about how you could help them prepare for their big day. 

Gift a Family Heirloom

The wedding gifts that stand out the most are usually those that are particularly thoughtful or sentimental. Fortunately, gifts of this nature don’t have to be big-ticket items. 

If you’re related to the couple, perhaps you have a family heirloom that you could pass on. It may be an antique that one of the recipients always admired in their grandparents’ home or a collection of family photos that you curated for them. 

Gifts like this give the couple something to display in their own home and memories that they can share with other family members in the future. 

Help with Event Setup or Cleanup

The last thing most couples want on their wedding day is to worry about getting everything in place at the event or packing up once the party is over. 

While some venues may include setup and cleanup in their costs, others may charge an additional fee for these services. 

If the couple is planning to pay a hefty price for preparing and breaking down the event space, offer to help them with these tedious tasks as your gift. This could be particularly helpful if you have an eye for design or if you live close by and aren’t worried about a long drive home afterward. 

Gift them Cash

While not the most personal gift, cash is almost always welcome when a couple is planning for a wedding. 

You don’t have to give an extravagant amount to make a difference. While, yes, couples have pricey expenses like clothes and rings, they also have many smaller costs that can add up. Your gift of cash could help offset the postage for invitations or RSVPs, the place cards for the reception, or a tip for one of their vendors. 

Plan an Experience for Them

It’s important for couples to set time aside for each other, even once they’re married. Help the newlyweds get into the habit of scheduling date days or nights by planning a special experience for them. 

For example, help them play tourists for a day in their hometown. Pick out places they may not typically take advantage of being close to and map out a plan for them to follow. Schedule a lunch break for them and put together a picnic basket with a homemade charcuterie board, your favorite handheld lunch, and some treats from a local bakery. If the day will involve a lot of driving, consider offering to chauffer so they can fully relax. 

For the actual gift, put together a gift basket featuring brochures or small items that are symbolic of the stops you have planned.  

Get More Tips for Celebrating on a Budget

Weddings are just one of many occasions we celebrate with gifts. For more ideas on how to celebrate the big moments in your life and the lives of those you love on a budget, visit our blog.  

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