6 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

6 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Kids

The kids are back to school, which can only mean one thing – Halloween is right around the corner! And if you’re looking to save some cash this year, you may be considering putting together a DIY Halloween costume for your kids instead of purchasing one at the store. 

To help get your creative juices flowing, check out this list of easy DIY Halloween costumes for kids.

1. Jellyfish

Almost nothing could be easier than this jellyfish costume, which only requires a few simple components. 

  • Get a clear or white umbrella (or use one you already have.) 
  • Save bubble wrap from packages you receive or buy a pack at the dollar store. 
  • Dig out any scraps of ribbon you have and ask friends and family members to give you theirs. 
  • Cut the ribbon and bubble wrap into strips and attach them to the umbrella so they hang down like the tentacles of a jelly fish. 

That’s it! Just four steps and you’re done. Your child just needs to wear white or other plain color clothes and carry the umbrella to make the costume complete.

2.  Black Cat

Traditional and easy to make, a black cat outfit is a great choice for a quick DIY Halloween costume. Simply do the following. 

  • Purchase black leggings or sweatpants (or even better, use ones you have) to use as the body. 
  • Then, grab a black cat ear headband from your local dollar store or make ears out of black felt and attach them to a headband you already have. 
  • Finally, sew together black felt cut into the shape of a cat tail, stuff it with newspaper to hold its shape, and attach it to the back of the pants. 

To spruce it up, you can use face paint to make a nose and whiskers and add black tulle around the waist and ankles of the pants. 

3. Puppy Dog

If your child prefers dogs, a puppy costume can be cute and easy, too. 

  • First, have your child choose what color dog they’d like to be and purchase a coordinating sweatsuit in that color. To make it easier to attach the ears for kiddos who don’t like to wear headbands or have things clipped in their hair, buy a sweatshirt that has a hood. 
  • Use matching felt to cut out floppy ears that can be sewn onto the hood or attached to a headband. Use the same color to create a tail that can be pinned to the back of the pants.
  • Cut and attach red felt to line up with the neckline of the sweater to look like a collar. Use yellow felt to create a dog tag that can be attached to the collar. 

You can keep it simple or make this costume as intricate as you’d like. For instance, you can add patterns using felt to create a dalmatian or another specific dog breed.  

4. Wind-Up Toy

For a costume that has a “cool” factor without requiring much work, have your child dress as a wind-up toy. The steps to make this happen are simple. 

  • Help your child decide what type of wind-up toy they’d like to be. One simple choice would be a doll. 
  • Choose clothes your child already has that they can use as the toy’s clothing. For instance, a dress and hairbow for a doll. 
  • Upcycle a cardboard box you have by cutting two identical key shapes. Spray paint them gold. 
  • Measure out matching pieces of elastic and attach the ends to one of the keys. These should end up as loops that your child will stick their arms through to hold the key to their back. 
  • Glue the two keys together, making sure the elastic is on the inside.

This costume is sure to wow others with its creativity without taking much of your time. 

5. Snowman

Skip a season ahead and stay cool with this easy-to-make snowman costume. 

  • Order a white sweatsuit or white leggings and a long-sleeved t-shirt (or repurpose ones you already have.) 
  • Purchase a white winter beanie. 
  • Trace circles for the eyes and buttons on black felt and cut out. Attach the eyes to the beanie and the buttons to the sweatshirt or other top you chose. 
  • Use orange felt to make the carrot nose. Attach it to the rim of the beanie. 

If you’d prefer, you can use different colors for the buttons and attach sticks to the sleeves of the sweatshirt to give it even more personality. 

6. Knight

Save the day with this knight costume that requires only five items. 

  • Purchase a gray sweatsuit (or use one your child already has.)
  • Pull out your child’s bike helmet. 
  • Cut cardboard in the shape of a sword and shield. 
  • Cover the bike helmet, sword, and shield in tinfoil to give them a shiny flair. 

For your budget’s sake, consider buying a bulk pack of tinfoil or purchasing an off-brand at the dollar store. 

Have More Seasonal Fun on a Budget

These DIY costume ideas for kids can help you get ahead on your Halloween plans. For more ideas on how to have affordable fun this season, visit our blog. 

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