5 Splurges That are Worth It

5 Splurges That are Worth It

Sometimes, spending a little extra money can go a long way. Check out these five splurges that are worth it, whether it’s a fun way to treat yourself, paying for a time-saving service, or a life hack to make balancing all your commitments easier.

1. Grocery Delivery

If you have a full schedule, getting your groceries delivered can be a game changer. You can build your list whenever you have time – whether it’s on the sidelines of your child’s soccer practice or during your morning coffee break. Simply schedule a time for them to be delivered to your home and continue on to the next task on your list. Depending on the service, you can select backup items in case your preferred brand isn’t available and text with the shopper to approve any replacements they need to make.

And, while this convenience comes at a price, there are ways having your groceries delivered can help you save, as well. By skipping your own trip to the store, you don’t have to pay for gas, spend time browsing or waiting in the checkout line, or face the temptation of adding extra items to your cart.

2. Robot Vacuum

If you have pets or children, you may find your floors in need of cleaning more often than you’d like. If you’re getting sick of running the vacuum every day, many people swear by splurging on a robot vacuum that can do the work for you. Depending on the make and model, you may be able to schedule its run times, have it self-empty, and/or program it to know the floor plan of your house.

3. Coffee/Soda Machines

If you need a daily caffeine fix, you may find yourself losing time and money to morning pit stops at your favorite coffee spot. But you can get the luxury of a delicious coffee at home if you purchase the right gadget. While the upfront cost may be greater, if you can stick to using it, you’ll save time and money, plus you can try out making different variations on your own.

If you’re not into coffee but drink a lot of sparkling water or soda, you can consider a similar money-saving strategy by purchasing a soda maker. These typically allow you to make any carbonated beverage for a fraction of the cost, plus you do the environment a favor by cutting out single-use plastics that sparkling water and soda usually come packaged in.

4. Booking a Vacation at a Home Instead of a Hotel

It’s becoming more and more common for travelers to seek out houses instead of hotel rooms for their trips, especially if they’re planning longer stays. Depending on your destination, this can sometimes be a more costly option; however, it comes with a lot of advantages.

For instance, you usually have access to a kitchen, which allows you to cook and eat more meals in rather than dining out all the time. It can also be easier to find a house than getting connected hotel rooms if you’re in need of more than one bedroom. Plus, parking is often included, which can help you save big depending on the area you’re traveling to.

5. Hiring Home Cleaning or Maintenance Services

If you’ve got a lot on your plate, sometimes routine tasks like cleaning appliances or dusting can feel impossible to fit in to your schedule. And seasonal tasks like power washing, mowing the lawn, or shoveling snow can be even more daunting.

When weighing if you should splurge on these services, think about what the trade-off will be. Will outsourcing some of these responsibilities relieve stress and let you focus more on your work? Or will knocking these items off your to-do list free up time for you to spend with family and friends? Depending on your answers to these questions, it may make sense to shuffle money around in your budget to make room for these splurges.

Get Rewarded for Your Splurges

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