Black Friday Shopping Tips

Women and man observing an item during Black Friday.

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year and rightfully so. Many stores break out their best deals for this day, and generations of bargain seekers make a tradition out of waking up early (or even staying up late the night before) to knock out their holiday shopping and scour their favorite shops for savings.

If you’ll be out hunting for deals this Black Friday, check out these tips for making the most of your day without overextending your budget.

Pack a Snack

The only thing worse than standing in a long line is standing in a long line while hungry. Many retailers know this, too, which is why even non-food stores often have candy and other snacks conveniently placed next to the checkout line.

Avoid these last-minute additions to your cart by eating before you start shopping and packing high-protein snacks for while you’re out.

Make a Plan

Decide who you’re shopping for, what your budget is, and what you’d like to buy for each person (whether it’s a specific item, the number of gifts, or an amount of money you can afford to spend) before you head to the store. Any of these tactics can keep you from getting caught up in the excitement of browsing and help you stay on track with your budget.

Follow Your List

Commit to following the plan you’ve put together. Determine an easy way to track your purchases and the amount you’ve spent beforehand so you’re not in for a surprise at the end of the day. Keep a running note in your phone, go old school and bring paper and a pencil, or find another method that works for you to stay accountable.

Do Your Research in Advance

If you’re in the market for specific items, especially high-ticket ones, know what they usually sell for before you head out to the store. Sometimes retailers raise prices before subsequently marking them down so they can say they’re “on sale” or advertise a “big discount.” Being informed about the typical selling prices of your sought-after items will keep you from being tricked by these marketing tactics and help you feel confident about the deals you grab.

Carry the Right Card

Don’t just decide how much you’re willing to spend before you go, also determine how you’re going to pay. If you choose to pay by card, make sure you’re using the one that will give you the best benefits, like our Founder’s Rewards Card. When you pay with this cash rewards card, you’ll receive 2%* or 1.5% cash rewards on every purchase, every time, letting you stretch your holiday shopping budget even further.

Become a Member*You can earn 1.5% cash rewards on purchases. You can earn 2% cash rewards on purchases if you maintain a PSECU checking account and qualifying monthly direct deposit(s) of at least $500. See the Visa® Founder’s Card and Visa® Alumni Rewards Card Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for full details.


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