How Students Can Make Money Over Winter Break

How Students Can Make Money Over Winter Break

While winter break is a great time to relax, it’s also a great time to find temporary work with flexible hours. From retail positions and snow shoveling jobs to housesitting and freelance writing, winter break presents an opportunity for students to earn money they can use during the remainder of the school year. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Babysitting, Pet Sitting, or Housesitting

When winter break begins, many families suddenly find themselves without the services they’ve come to depend on. If you enjoy spending time with kids or love animals, consider reaching out to families in your local community to make it known that you offer babysitting and pet sitting services at a competitive rate. You can also post your profile and hourly rate on social media sites to get the word out within your network. Just be sure you vet anyone who reaches out to make sure they’re offering legitimate work.

Some families go away on vacation during the winter, making it the perfect time for housesitting. It isn’t always as luxurious or straightforward as it’s made out to be, but it’s a great way to earn money while saving on accommodations.

Holiday Retail Jobs

During the holiday shopping season, countless businesses hire more employees to keep up with customer demand. If you’re looking for a surplus of hours without a long-term commitment, consider applying for holiday retail jobs.

You could also consider seasonal jobs such as becoming a personal shopper, gift wrapper, or customer service specialist. Finding holiday retail jobs has recently become easier than ever now that retail and restaurant chains are posting on-demand jobs through their apps. If you find a retail job you particularly enjoy, you can even consider working there during your other holiday breaks or transferring to a location that’s closer to your college or university during the school year.

Clearing Snow

Clearing snow and shoveling driveways is a good money-making opportunity if you’re looking to work just a few days during your winter break. Consider advertising your services around town, on social media, and directly to your neighbors. Older neighbors, families with young children, and families who are going away during the holiday season are most likely to need your help clearing snow during the holiday season.

If you find yourself clearing snow in your neighborhood often, consider investing in a snowblower that allows you to clear more walkways and driveways in less time. If you live in an area that receives a lot of snow, you can even invest in a riding snowblower system or truck plow. Always remember to stay safe, hydrated, and warm while you’re shoveling snow, and listen to your body as you work.

Sell Old Items

Selling old items you’re not using is one fast way to make money during winter break. As more consumers are looking for vintage and sustainable gifts, the holiday season is the perfect time to sell your old belongings. To get top dollar on your items, wash and deep clean them thoroughly and take a few high-quality pictures.

Whether you want to sell clothing or other items that are in good condition, there are a variety of apps and websites available that can help you advertise your goods. Be sure to compare them to find the ones that are best suited to what you’re offering.

Freelance Writing

College is the perfect opportunity to hone your writing skills and pick up some freelance writing gigs. During winter break, you can start your writing portfolio and begin applying for positions. Now’s your chance to write about your passions and help your clients articulate their products or services.

You can try your hand at freelance writing through journalism, academic research, creative writing, or even corporate business clients. If you’re passionate about helping other students, you can even start freelancing as an essay or research editor or assistant.

Freelancing is more than a quick way to make money – it’s the perfect way to boost your resume. When freelancing, it’s essential to work with publications and clients who are thoroughly vetted and pay you for your work. Writing contests and publications that promise to pay in exposure aren’t the best way to hone your skills or get your name out there.

Make the Most of Winter Break with Money Management Tips

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