5 Ways to Prep Your Wardrobe for Winter

5 Ways to Prep Your Wardrobe for Winter - Hats and scarves

As we head into a new season, not only should you prep your home for cooler temperatures, but you should also prep your wardrobe. Depending on where you live, winter may bring rain or snow and require specific clothing to help you stay dry and warm. Here are some tips for prepping your wardrobe for winter.

1. Take Inventory

You can’t begin prepping your wardrobe without determining what you already have on hand. Go through your closet and take inventory of winter clothing like sweaters, wool socks, flannels, and other pieces that can be layered together. When reviewing your wardrobe, determine if any items are worn or in need of repair. Make time to mend any holes or have items dry-cleaned before the winter season begins.

As you sort through your clothing, set aside anything that won’t get worn this season. Items like bathing suits or shorts can be stored elsewhere, leaving you more room in your closet for bulkier winter items.

2. Donate or Sell Unwanted Items

As you take inventory, you may notice pieces in your wardrobe that are no longer your style, don’t fit, or haven’t been worn in some time. Set these pieces aside and determine if you truly need them. If not, you may be able to sell any unwanted items and use the money you make to fill any gaps in your current wardrobe. If the items are in good condition, consider donating to a local charity or clothing drive. Be sure to wash or remove any stains before donating or selling your pieces.

3. Weather-Proof Key Pieces

Winter wardrobes often require investment pieces to help you stay warm and dry throughout the season. Inspect items like boots and gloves for any worn areas, rips, or tears. If you do find an issue, look into repairing it to keep your items in good working condition. This will help you avoid buying new, unnecessary replacements and keep your gear lasting longer. Because winter comes with rain and snow, you’ll want to waterproof your items before tough weather hits. Treat items with waterproofing spray to help them stay dry all season.

4. Organize Your Accessories

Your accessories for winter may look different than other seasons. Take stock of what hats, gloves, and scarves you have on hand. Put together a system to keep each item organized, both for yourself and the whole family. Sorting items in bins or baskets near the front door can help everyone keep track of their own winter gear. Use labels or tags for bins so each family member has their own spot for storage. If you have the space, consider setting up a drying rack in a utility room or garage for laying out wet or snowy accessories.

5. Prep Off-Season Clothing

In addition to prepping your wardrobe for winter, you’ll want to take time to prep your summer clothing for storage. Doing these tasks now will help save time in the future and keep your wardrobe in good condition for seasons to come. Invest in proper storage containers to keep off-season items out of the way. You can often find containers that fit under the bed or at the top of your closet to keep these items accessible. Avoid using storage pieces made from cardboard, as they can deteriorate over time or attract insects.

With your wardrobe prepped for winter, you’ll avoid buying unnecessary items and be ready for any type of weather. For more money-saving tips, visit our WalletWorks page.

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