Tips for Teens: Ways to Save on Driving

Tips for Teens: Ways to Save on Driving

Vroom, vroom! You have your license (or are about to) and your first car is calling your name. But driving comes with a lot of extra costs. In addition to paying for your license, you’ll need a car, insurance, gas, oil changes, maintenance, and more.

Don’t let all these extra costs get you down. For every expense, there’s a way to save. Check out our tips for getting your first car on the road for less.

Take driver’s ed

 A driving course may seem like just another thing you have to pay for, but it can help you save money in the end. Some insurance companies will charge you less for car insurance if you’ve completed driver’s ed.  Some states will even let you get your full license sooner if you pass an approved course.

Find free resources

There may be free resources to help you as you learn to drive and get your car on the road. Check out your local library and your school. Some high schools may even offer driver’s ed as a class for a small – or no – fee.

Ask for student discounts

Some insurance companies may offer a student discount on your car insurance. To qualify, you usually need to have good grades and be accident-free.

Take care of your car

Getting oil changes and routine maintenance will help keep your car running well. Spending a little bit here and there to take care of it can prevent major (expensive) problems down the road. Even little things, like keeping your tires properly inflated, can save money.

Consider a roadside service membership

Hopefully, you won’t have any issues once you get your car on the road. But, sometimes even when we take care of our cars, we’re not so lucky. If you run into trouble on the road, having a roadside service membership could save you hundreds of dollars on towing and other fees. Some insurance plans even come with a roadside membership included.

Choose a gas station and build rewards

Some gas stations have rewards programs. It could be that you earn discounts at your local grocery store or you get a set number of cents off by joining the rewards club. Either way can save you money at the pump. Some programs may have restrictions, so make sure you’re eligible if you’re under 18.

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