Purchases Our Employees Can't Live Without

Woman handing a couple a gift.

If you're looking for holiday gift inspo this year, we've got you covered. We tapped our employees for their favorite products and the purchases they can't live without. 

Wireless Earbuds

"I use them all the time whether I am listening to music, taking a class, or talking on the phone. They have definitely become an essential item for me."

Flameless Candles

"I like that they are programmable that they turn on and off automatically at the same time each day and I get the feeling of having candles on in the evening without the fire risk." 

Visual Timer

"I use it to set time for cleaning chores as well as when I am presenting virtually so I have an understanding of the time I have left."

Switch Guard

"My wi-fi is unfortunately on a switched outlet, and that switch lives in the middle of two frequently used ones. Installing this has prevented the wi-fi switch from being turned off accidentally."

Ninja Blender (with multiple container sizes)

"We use this religiously in the summer when we are canning our garden-grown foods. It's also great for whipping up smoothies and pureeing soups or sauces. It's a kitchen workhorse." 

Hot Honey

"This has quickly become an essential condiment in my house. It's great on everything from pizza to salads to grilled meat." 

Robot Vacuum

"All-time favorite purchase, no contest. The self-employing feature is a game changer and is worth the extra money."

Graza Olive Oil Set- Sizzle & Drizzle

"After being influenced by a chef I follow on Instagram, I bought this olive oil set designed specifically for use in cooked and/or raw preparations. We did a blind taste test when we received them in the mail and the flavor blew our go-to grocery store olive oil out of the water. I won't cook with anything else now."

Swedish Dish Cloths

"These little squares of microfiber cloth are my new favorite kitchen tool. They absorb liquids quickly and completely, are fast drying (so no mildew!), and have essentially replaced paper towels in our home."

Scalp Massager

"If you want a quick way to get a salon-style shampoo at home, a scalp scrubber/massager is the way to go. The little silicone 'fingers' help to stimulate blood flow to your scalp and exfoliate dead skin. My roots have never looked better."

Fire Pit

“We purchased a small, free-standing fire pit years ago and it’s such a great addition to our backyard. It’s a gathering place in the cooler months and so much fun for roasting hot dogs or marshmallows with the kids in the summer.”

Capri Blue Volcano Candles

“My all-time favorite candle is Capri Blue’s Volcano scent. It’s a splurge for a candle but the jars are gorgeous and can be cleaned and reused in a variety of ways after the candle is done. Every time someone visits, they inquire about the smell when these candles are burning. It’s distinctive but not cloying. 10/10 recommend.”

Google Home

“We’ve got a Google Home speaker or hub in the high-traffic parts of our home, and I forget what life was like before. They control our lights, can answer any question, tell you the weather, intercom to other parts of the house, and play music on command.”

Streaming Service Subscriptions

“I canceled cable a long time ago and now just do individual subscriptions to streaming services. I’m getting access to the best TV and movies, and many of the services now offer network news and sports options, as well.”

Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven

“This is the most universal piece of cookware you will ever own. It can go from stove to oven; it boils, sears, and braises. It’s great for soups or sautéing. You can even bake bread in it! You could break the bank with a fancy French brand that will run you a couple of hundred dollars, but my 6-qt, Lodge dutch oven was $60 and performs just as well.”

Momofuku Instant Noodles

“I’m a foodie at heart and these are a fancy version of instant ramen from famed NY chef, David Chang. They come with a seasoning packet but are easy to dress up and make into a full meal. They hit the spot when you want something easy but delicious. A pantry staple, for sure!”

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

“I take this cell phone with me everywhere. The 108MP camera with 100x zoom is incredible (I've even taken pictures of the moon). The camera also takes really nice nighttime and macro photos, and the 8K video it can capture is great! It has a built-in S-Pen that I can use to write notes, draw/sketch, or even use as a camera remote. The long-lasting battery is great but what I really love is the ability to reverse charge another phone!”

Smart Light Bulbs

“When paired with a Google Home or Alexa home automation assistant, smart lightbulbs are a game-changer. I can control the lights in various rooms of our home with my voice with one command instead of walking through the house hitting each individual switch or lamp.”

Yeti Water Bottles

“We have one for everyone in our family and literally use them every day. They are super helpful for hiking, beach time, and road trips. These bottles are really durable for day-to-day use and going back and forth to school/camp/daycare. They can also go in the dishwasher, which is a huge win.”


“Investing in a Peloton was absolutely worth every penny. I love anything that allows me to have a really good home workout as I don’t enjoy going to the gym. The variety of workouts and instructors is amazing, and I like the community aspect you get from the subscriptions as well. Pelotons are PRICEY, but I have friends with less expensive versions that love their bike just as much.”

Get Nail Polish UV Light

“I could not find a nail salon that I loved, but I love getting my nails done (gel manicures). Using the UV light at home in combination with gel polish I purchase and apply myself is really, really easy. And it is SO much cheaper than actually going to the salon.”

Roku Stick

“We don't have cable, so we stream everything, and I love having my Roku stick that we can take with us anywhere and still watch our favorite shows.”

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