The Essential Post-Move Checklist

The Essential Post-Move Checklist

Congratulations! You’ve successfully navigated all the twists and turns of relocating to a new home or apartment. Take a little time to celebrate your accomplishment but know that you still have some work to do. To help you focus quickly on essential to-dos so you can really settle in and enjoy your new digs, we’ve compiled this post-move checklist.

1. Set up utilities. Keep priorities in mind. Electricity, heat, and water should be at the top of the utilities list, then move on to trash services and Internet.

2. Change locks and have new keys made. You have no idea how many extra sets of house keys were made and given out by the previous owner. It’s worth the investment in new locks and keys to have peace of mind. (This one applies to homeowners; renters are unlikely to be able to change locks without permission from the landlord.)

3. Notify the post office of your new address. While you were busy preparing for the move, moving, and then unpacking boxes and settling in, none of your bills took a break. You want them to follow you to your new address so you can stay current with bills like insurance and credit cards.

4. Update your driver’s license. In all the excitement of the move, it’s easy to overlook making sure your DMV knows of your new address. If you’ve moved to a new state, make sure you get new plates for your vehicle, too.

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Congratulations on your successful move and enjoy your new home!

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