Valentine Dessert Ideas for Two

A plate of heart shaped pancakes, drizzled with syrup, topped with raspberries.

Let’s be honest – the best part of Valentine’s Day (besides celebrating the one you love) is the sweets. Whether you’re headed out for a restaurant dinner or cooking at home, enjoying a homemade dessert is the perfect way to cap off the most romantic day of the year.

We put together a list of eight recipes, already perfectly portioned to make just two servings. So, grab your apron and head to the kitchen to whip up a delectable dessert for your Valentine!

  1. S’mores DipDessert for Two takes this campfire favorite to the next level by cooking the traditional s’mores ingredients in a cast iron skillet. It’s also very easy to put your own spin on this recipe.
  2. Caramel Bread Pudding – Warm croissants, baked with cream and sugar and caramel candies. The Food Network keeps things simple yet scrumptious with this recipe.
  3. Red Velvet Chocolate Lava Cakes – Chocolate lava cakes are very luxurious but surprisingly easy to make. Half Baked Harvest amps up the usual recipe by making a red velvet version. Plus, a red dessert for Valentine’s Day? Perfect!
  4. No-Bake Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecakes – If baking isn’t your thing, try these no-bake mini cheesecakes! Inspired by Charm’s recipe delivers on flavor and flair without having to turn on the oven.
  5. Gooey Butter Strawberry Shortcake – Gooey Butter Cake is custardy, very moist butter cake. Willow Bird Baking’s riff on this St. Louis classic adds strawberries and cream to the top to help cut through the sweetness. Eat it straight out of the skillet with your Valentine!
  6. 4 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse – Decadent but light and airy, mousses are easy to make and require no heating! Half Baked Harvest is at it again with her take on a traditional recipe. This time, she jazzes things up with Nutella which adds body and a hint of hazelnut.
  7. Chocolate Covered Strawberries – A classic Valentine treat, chocolate covered strawberries are incredibly easy to make and are sure to impress your Valentine. Self-Proclaimed Foodie shows you how it’s done!
  8. Death by Chocolate Trifles for Two – Chocolate, on chocolate, on chocolate! These parfaits from Yellow Bliss Road are aptly named. No-bake and beautiful when finished, grab your spoon and dive right in.

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